Accounting Services

 Black Sea Engineering provides complete accounting services to companies working in different sectors.

 Some of our accounting services:

  • Registration of the primary documents in accordance with the current legislation and accounting principles,
  • Process of all primary documents through accounting software 1C,
  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual tax declarations in accordance with the current legislation,
  • Preparing financial reports,
  • Visits to public organizations to provide explanations on the rapports and participation in tax audits,
  • Preparation of accounting politics for accounting and tax reports,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Collecting of all necessary financial documents, from suppliers, bank, or from another body,
  • Preparation and submitting of all necessary financial documents, to customer, bank, Fisc, or to another body,

 Assistance and consultancy service related to:

  • Accounting and managerial consultancy. We provide solutions with up-to-date information regarding the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Registration of a new company in Rep. Moldova.



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